Metex Corporation

NexSys® System

W600 Water Treatment Controller

The NexSys® control system is the latest in a long line of reliable, easy to use controllers from Lakewood Instruments. The NexSys® control system uses the latest in microprocessor technology with a 5.7” Color Touch Screen interface for a high level of application flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Interface: Touch Screen display, 5.7" diagonal viewing area.
  • Display Size: 115×86 mm
  • Pixel: 320×240
  • Color: TFT 65536
  • Backlight: LED or CCFL
  • Memory: 16 MB Flash, 16 MB RAM
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Screen is accessed by opening the NEMA 4X enclosure front panel.

Iwaki's IX Series Metering Pumps

Dosing Pumps Lutz-JESCO

A new class of advanced metering pumps!

Iwaki's IX Series are digitally controlled direct-drive diaphragm pumps. Years of experience in high-end motor technology result in extremely accurate and energy efficient metering pumps with high resolution.

The IX Series meet today's demand for automated chemical delivery in industries from water treatment to chemical process. Highly precise control offers a solution for a variety of dosing applications.


Metex Corporation,Metex,CorporationPump Set For Acids And Base Solutions

Pump Set For Acids And Base Solutions from Lutz Pumps.

For thin-bodied acids and bases such as hydrochloric acid, battery acid, ferric (III) chloride, phosphoric acid, chromic acid, citric acid, sodium chloride, kalihydrate, ammonia solution, formic acid, acetic acid, etc.

Woltman (Wesan WP) Water Meter 222

Woltman, Wesan WP, Water Meter, 222The bulk water meter WESAN WP can be used for measuring the flow (cold water up to 30 °C) in supply lines with high flow at low pressure loss.


  • Calibratable and exchangeable measuring insert

  • For horizontal and vertical installation

  • Sealed measuring insert for better accuracy

  • Hydraulic bearing relief

  • Wear-resistant plastic bearing

  • Encapsulated counter of glass/copper IP 68

  • Complete head unit with counter and sensors can be rotated by 350° for easier reading

  • Integrated measurement outputs as standard

Neptune Mixer Company Portable Top Entering Propeller Mixers

Neptune Mixer Company manufactures portable top entering propeller mixers. Please view the complete line of portable mixers below.

Neptune Mixer Company offers a complete line of Bung-Entering Drum Mixers. Two styles for water-like solutions use a folding propeller for the mixer. Neptune Mixer Company has two styles (Series H & HGS) for viscous fluids use permanent blades and are offered in higher horsepowers. All Neptune Bung-Entering Drum Mixers fit through the standard 2-in. Bung on 55-gallon drums.