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WebMaster Controllers

Metex Corporation,Metex,CorporationWebMaster® is the most powerful family of online process controllers in the water treatment industry. WebMaster® couples a powerful multi-I/O platform with Walchem's analytical sensors and extensive communications technologies. The result is the ability to remotely monitor and control your process from any computer, anywhere in the world, with just a standard web browser.

WebMaster® requires no proprietary software and is only on the Internet when you need it. On-Demand technology reduces the cost of remote communications and provides safe and secure access to your controller. With four direct sensor inputs, WebMaster® can be configured specifically to match your system's requirements.

dynaBLEND™ Liquid Polymer Feed and Activation Systems

L4-P / L6-P Series

The L4-P / L6-P series offers the same features and benefits of the L4-D / L6-D series, yet utilizes a progressive cavity pump. The progressive cavity pump is strongly recommended due to increased reliability over diaphragm pumps that rely on check valves.

Series Overall Flow Ranges:

  • Dilution water: L4-P: 30 to 1200 GPH

  • L6-P: 180 to 3000 GPH

  • Polymer: 0.125 to 35 GPH

Bung-Entering Drum Mixers

Metex Corporation,Metex,CorporationNeptune Mixer Company manufactures portable top entering propeller mixers. Please view the complete line of portable mixers by clicking here.

Neptune Mixer Company offers a complete line of Bung-Entering Drum Mixers. Two styles for water-like solutions use a folding propeller for the mixer. Neptune Mixer Company has two styles (Series H & HGS) for viscous fluids use permanent blades and are offered in higher horsepowers. All Neptune Bung-Entering Drum Mixers fit through the standard 2-in. Bung on 55-gallon drums.

Neptune Mixer Company manufactures portable top entering propeller mixers.

Abaque Peristaltic Hose Pumps

Abaque® Series peristaltic hose pumps are manufactured and shipped from the Pump Solutions Group (PSG®) facility in North Wales, Pennsylvania. Abaque Series pumps feature a seal-less design that eliminates leaks and product contamination, and have the ability to run dry continuously without adversely affecting the pump’s performance.

Excellent self-priming, Capable of running in forward or reverse, Solid construction and advanced design results in reduced maintenance and repairs. Handles your toughest pumping needs from abrasive and aggressive fluids to sheer sensitive and viscous materials.

EW Series Metering Pumps

The EW Series Metering Pumps are the flagship of the E-Class with capacities up to 6.7 GPH (25.4 l/h) and a maximum pressure of 250 PSI. Compact, powerful and packed with a variety of innovative design features the EW can enhance any feed application.

IP65 Construction

The rugged Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO) enclosure is equipped with a durable clear cover to protect the membrane switches and stroke control of the pump, which are mounted opposite the liquid end. The display utilizes a high temperature LCD that provides extra protection from sunlight in outdoor applications.

Sotera Chemical Transfer Systems

Sotera Chemical Transfer Systems - pumps, meters and accessories - are produced by Tuthill Transfer Systems, a Division of Tuthill Corporation. Our internationally recognized brands also include Fill-Rite pumps and Precision Flow Meters. We primarily serve customer in the fields of agriculture, construction, public works, transportation, general industrial, and fuels and chemicals.

At Tuthill Transfer Systems, we make products that have long stood as the industry standard for the fast and safe transfer of a wide range of fuels and chemicals. We're always looking for innovative ways to provide better value to our customers.