SmartReader 3,4-Channel,AC,Current,Temperature,Data,Logger,ACR,Systems

SmartReader 3 4-Channel AC Current & Temperature Data Logger from ACR Systems

SmartReader 3,4-Channel,AC,Current,Temperature,Data,Logger,ACR,SystemsThe SmartReader 3 4-Channel AC Current & Temperature Data Logger makes easy, accurate recordings of AC current. Use this logger with up to three external current probes for recording three-phase systems or related equipment simultaneously. The easy-to-use ACR/Amprobe CTs provide safe current readings by simply clamping around the power leads.


  • Phase Balancing - Amperage (A)
  • Determine Existing Loads - Current (A)
  • Energy Use Profiling - Real Power (kW)
  • Electrical Consumption Monitor - Power Delivered (kWh)


ACR AC Current Probes
Current Ranges
5, 25, 100, and 250 Amps (with A60FL [60 Hz] and A65FL [50 Hz] current probes)
10, 50, 250, and 500 Amps (with A70FL [60 Hz] and A75FL [50Hz] current probes)
+/- 4% F.S. above 10% of range

Ordering Information

Model Memory Catalog #
SR-003 32KB 01-0026

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