SensoDirect pH110 Hand Held pH Meter


  • High measuring accuracy

  • Light weight

  • Protective casing

  • Large digital display

  • "Low battery" indicator

  • Two-Point Calibration

The SensoDirect pH110 is a high quality, portable, battery operated pH meter with a measuring range of 0 - 14 pH. The instrument is equipped as standard with protective casing and built-in electrode holder, ensuring reliable operation even in extreme ambient conditions. The unit is equipped with an automatic battery check feature. If the low battery indicator appears it is time to change the battery.

The gel electrode of the SensoDirect pH110 is suitable for the full range of 0 - 14 pH and is temperature resistant over the range 0 - 80 °C. It is fitted with a BNC connector as standard.

The SensoDirect pH110 comes in a rugged plastic case complete with electrode, and pH 4 and pH 7 buffer solutions.

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