Hand Held Photometer MiniDirect

Hand,Held,Photometer,MiniDirectThe MiniDirect is a small, lightweight, handy photometer system with the renowned AQUALYTIC® quality. It uses AQUALYTIC® reagents in the form of tablet reagents or powder packs. These maintain their stability over long periods and guarantee outstanding accuracy. The attractive design is characterised by its clear lines, its user-friendliness and ergonomics. Reading measurement values is child's play, thanks to the illuminated display on keypress. And because it is waterproof, the MiniDirect can be used outdoors in any circumstances.

N.I.S.T Traceability
The MiniDirect has a factory calibration, which is related to internal standards which are not N.I.S.T traceable. The instrument may be calibrated by the user in a "user calibration mode" with N.I.S.T traceable standards.

  • Alternatively tablet reagents or powder packs

  • Real-Time-Clock

  • Storage

  • only 200 g