Photometers for testing drinking, process and waste water

Applications: Water Treatment, Waste Water, Cooling-/Boiler Water, Pools, Scientific Applications, Beverage Industry, Laboratory and Field Testing


Reliable Water Testing in a Pocket Sized Format

Photometer System MultiDirect

A versatile, multi-parameter photometer covering a wide range of tests for today´s water analysis requirements.

Photometer-System Single-Parameter CheckitDirect

Compact, high-precision, single-parameter photometers for water testing.

Multi-Parameter CheckitDirect

Microprocessor-controlled photometers for swimming pool water analysis.

COD-Setup CheckitDirect COD vario

Testing equipment for user-friendly, precise measurement of chemical oxygen demand.

Spectrophotometer SpectroDirect

Spectralphotometer for Water Analysis.
Thermoreactors ET 108 und ET 125

For the digestion of samples when, for example, testing: COD, Total Phosphate, Total Nitrogen.

The Principle Of Photometry

When specific reagents are added, the water sample takes on a degree of coloration that is proportional to the concentration of the parameter being measured. The photometer measures this coloration.

When a light beam passes through the coloured sample, energy with a specific wavelength is absorbed by the test substance. The photometer determines the coloration of the sample by measuring the transmission or absorption of light of this wavelength (in other words, monochromatic light). The photometer then uses a microprocessor to calculate the required concentration and displays the result.