2200D Dissolved Oxygen Controller/Analyzer

2200D,Dissolved,Oxygen,Controller,Analyzer Dissolved Oxygen Controller/Analyzer

2200D,Dissolved,Oxygen,Controller,Analyzer2200D Dissolved Oxygen Controller/Analyzer
  • User-friendly design with menu on the front panel

  • Easy to read with large, bright LED display

  • Quick and easy to calibrate

  • 0 – 20 ppm and 0 – 100% ranges

  • Altitude compensation

  • Membrane perforation alarm

  • Two control relays with third relay for high/low alarm

  • NEMA 4X enclosure

2200D Dissolved Oxygen Controller/Analyzer
Microprocessor based analyzer & controller for Dissolved Oxygen in NEMA 4X enclosure. Digital LED display, 2 control relays with adjustable deadband, alarm relay for perforated membrane, 0-1 mA and 0-5 Vdc non-isolated outputs, 4-20 mA isolated output with range expand, cycling on/off control. Standard enclosure is surface mount. Panel and Pipe mounting optional.
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