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pH Probe and ORP (Redox) Probe from Aquametrix

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Differential pH and ORP Probes

There are hundreds of pH and ORP (redox) probes in the marketplace. Only a few use differential technology. And only one is the legendary Aquametrix probe. For three decades the Aquametrix differential probes have set the standard for durability, longevity and precision. These sensors may cost more up front but, in very aggressive processes, they will end up saving money over the years.

Every model comes as either a pH ("P") probe or ORP ("R") probe. All but one class of sensors are meant to be used with the Shark controller or Shark TX transmitter. The P/R-65 series of differential probes provide direct 4-20 mA output for a PLC or the AquaMetrix 2300 controller.

Differential pH and ORP Probes

P/R60C-8 Fixed Insertion Differential pH/ORP Sensors

The P60C-8 pH and the R60C-8 ORP probes are dependable industrial grade sensors designed to provide accurate measurement and longer service life under the most demanding conditions.

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P/R60C-6 Variable Insertion, Differential pH/ORP Sensors

This unique pH probe mounts in a standard 1 1/4” NPT tee, or in a tank, through a specially designed CPVC compression fitting. The probe enters straight into the fitting eliminating twisting of the cable; the pipe size is only 1 1/4” NPT and the insertion length is variable - between 7/8” and 5”.

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P/R60C-5 pH/ORP Probe

The P60C-5 pH is the newest addition to the Aquametrix differential probe family. It's 1" NPT size allows it fit into tight spaces where the P60C-8 might be unwieldy. The flat face version (pictured above) is ideal for processes that foul probes with protruding electrodes.

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P/R60C-4 Insertion Style, Differential pH/ORP Sensors

The P60C-4 pH and the R60C-4 ORP probe are dependable industrial grade sensors designed to provide accurate measurement and longer service life under the most demanding conditions. Some features of these probes include: differential measurement technology, replaceable salt bridge and encapsulated preamp.

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P/R65 4-20 mA Output Differential pH/ORP Sensors

For added versatility, the P/R65C series, pH or ORP differential probes, are available with an integral encapsulated 4-20 mA two-wire transmitter to feed directly to a PLC or a DCS.

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Combination Probes

For applications that involve clean water and that do not need years of service from a probe a combination probe is an economic alternative. These probes are sometimes called for when the process is so aggressive that no probe lasts longer than a year. The 500 sereies probes come in a fixed insertion or a variable insertion form factor. They can be ordered with automatic temperature compensation or a pre-amp to allow transmission over distances greater than 10 feet. Models are also available that contain an HF resistant antimony electrode and a hardened glass electrode.

P/R575 Fixed Insertion, Combination Style pH/ORP Sensors

These combination probes provide an economical alternative to higher cost models. The durable materials wetted by the process provide excellent chemical resistance. The convertible design of these probes allows them to be used in flowthrough and submersion applications thus minimizing inventory requirements. The probes are offered with or without temperature compensation.

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P/R585 Variable Insertion, Combination Style pH/ORP Sensors

These industrial combination pH or ORP probes use the conventional measurement technique employing a process pH glass electrode (platinum for ORP) which is compared to a reference electrode in KCL solution.

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