Flow Indicator by Blue-White Industries

The Flow Indicator is an excellent diagnostic tool for chemical feed pumps.

Rhythmic rising and falling of the ball indicates positive flow.

Air bubbles indicate chemical has exhausted.

Stationary ball indicates no flow.

Possible problems could be:

  • lost prime

  • stopped motor

  • plugged injection fitting

  • faulty tube or diaphragm

  • plugged or dirty footvalve filter

  • chemical has been exhausted for a lengthy period of time

Blue-White recommends using:

  • Glass bobbin for Chlorines and Acids

  • Stainless Steel bobbin for soaps and waxes (high viscose fluids)

Flow Indicator

Available Flow Indicators

Model No. Tube connection (OD) Bobbin material Body material O-ring
FI-100-4V 1/4" tubing Glass Acrylic Viton
FI-100S-4V 1/4" tubing Stainless Steel Acrylic Viton
FI-100-6V 3/8" tubing Glass Acrylic Viton
FI-100S-6V 3/8" tubing Stainless Steel Acrylic Viton

Flow Indicator Instruction Sheet

Rev. 08-10-2004  |  English

Part No: 80000-034

PDF Format (112kb)