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Micro-Flo Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter
From Blue White Industries

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Micro-Flo,Paddlewheel,Flowmeters,Blue,White,IndustriesMicro-Flo Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter

  • Water Ranges 0.47 to 110.9 GPH (30 to 7000 mL/min)

  • Pipe Sizes 1/8", 1/4", 1/2"NPT

  • 1/4" and 3/8" OD Tubing

  • Panel, Pipe or Sensor Mount

Micro-Flo Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter Description

Micro-Flo for low-flow monitoring applications

Acceptable for Vertical or Horizontal installation


  • 9-28 VDC input power required (AC/DC transformers available)

  • Factory calibrated – Nothing to program

  • Non-Volatile programming and accumulated flow memory

  • Total Reset function can be disabled


  • Displays both rate of flow, and total accumulated flow

  • Easy to read 6 digit LCD, up to 4 decimal positions

  • LCD not recommended for direct sunlight exposure

  • User Selectable or custom programmable scale factors:
    Flow Units: Gallons, Liters, Ounces, Milliliters
    Time Units: Minutes, Hours, Days


  • Open collector alarm set point

  • Output signal: digital pulse output (2 wire)


  • Infra-red light sensor
  • Clear PVC viewing lens or PVDF chemical resistant lens
  • NEMA 4X weather resistant enclosure
  • Model Variations:
    •FA = Analog Output. Rate & Total. Sensor Mounted Display
    •FS = Rate & Total. Sensor Mounted Display
    •FP = Rate & Total. Panel Mounted Display
    •FV = No Display, Sensor Only. 5 VDC current sinking output (includes 6ft. cable)
    •FX = No electronic sensor. Visual indicator only

Instruction Manual (US) (PDF) (PN 85000-022)
Instruction Manual (METRIC) (PDF) (PN 85000-062)


Micro-Flo Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter Specifications

Max. Working pressure: PVC lens 130 psig (9 bar) @ 70°F (21°C)

PVDF lens 150 psig (10 bar) @ 70°F (21°C)

Max. Fluid Temperature: PVC lens, F/NPT connectors 130°F (54°C) @ 0 psig

PVDF lens, tubing connectors 200°F (93°C) @ 0 psig

Full Scale Accuracy: +/- 6%
+/- 10% (FA Model)

Sensor/ Paddle / Axel Material: PVDF

Connector Material: F/NPT connections PVC

M/NPT connections PVC

Hose barb connections PVC

Tubing connectors PVDF (3/8?), Polypro (1/4?)

Viewing Lens Material Option: Clear see through: PVC

Opaque chemical resistant: PVDF

O-Ring Seals: FKM (Optional EP)

Approx. Shipping Weight: 1 lb. (.45 Kg)

Tech. Data Sheet (PDF) (PN 85000-061)
Instruction Manual (PDF) (PN 80000-406)
Wiring Instructions (PDF) (PN 81000-311)

Model “FA” Instruction Manuals

Instruction Manual (Model RT) (PDF) (PN 80000-355)

Instruction Manual (Model PC, AP & AO) (PDF) (PN 80000-390)



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