Rubber,Lined,Corrosion,Proof,Centifugal Pumps,Camac

Rubber Lined Corrosion Proof Centifugal Pumps From Camac

Rubber,Lined,Corrosion,Proof,Centifugal Pumps,CamacCAMAC acid-proof, Rubber Lined Corrosion Proof Centifugal Pumps are engineered to completely protect all metallic parts from corrosive liquids, prevent contamination of solutions, and to assure long, trouble-free pump life.


  • Satisfactory for acids and alkalis (except nitric and chromic) to 200F.

  • Will handle most abrasive solutions.

  • Camac's own proven mechanical seal - standard

  • Wetted parts - all non-metallic.

  • Non-contaminating to pumped solutions

  • Non clogging open impellers

  • Seal cooled by solution being pumped - no cooling water required

  • Simple design - less parts - standard bearings - no special tools needed

  • Wide selection of sizes - from 10 - 1,200 GPM, heads to 120'

  • Connections either hose nozzle or flanged