AccUView UV %Transmission Analyzer From HF Scientific

With over 30 years of optical design expertise HF scientific has developed the AccUView OnLine UV %Transmission Analyzer specifically for drinking water disinfection monitoring.  Engineered using leading edge Microprocessor technology the AccUView is the most reliable and cost efficient instrument for monitoring the %transmission of a UV Disinfection System for drinking water.  Standard features include simple calibration procedures, a bubble rejection system and an Ultrasonic Cleaning System designed to reduce operator maintenance time.

By far the most advanced, reliable and cost effective instrument for OnLine %Transmission Monitoring.  Invest in the best at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.


Each unit includes PrimeTime Standard 100%T, Cuvette with Ultrasonic Transducer and operator's manual.



Low Maintenance Fail Safe Design:
Simple Modular Design. Automatic cleaning reduces time consuming maintenance.

Modular microprocessor based technology ensures high quality at the industry's lowest price.

Ultrasonic cleaning continuously cleans the sample cell ensuring accurate and reliable readings.

Communications include 4-20mA output with isolator or Optional RS-485 with Modbus Protocol.

Certified Standards:
HF scientific inc. certifies the PrimeTime 100%T Calibration Standard is prepared as outlined in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 20th Edition, Method 1080 A-C, Methods for Preparation of Reagent Water.

Made in the USA 

Optional Features:
Remote Display
Allows remote monitoring up to 500 feet away.

Full Specifications
Operator's Manual
AccuView Modbus Manual

Range: 0 - 100% Transmission ( Auto Ranging)
Resolution: 0.1%T


Wavelength: Ultraviolet 253.7nm
Response Time: User Selectable updates from 4 - 60 seconds
Operating Temperature: 0 - 50C (32 to 122F)
Standard Outputs: 4-20 mA with isolator or Optional RS-485 with modbus protocol
Alarms: 2 User selectable high / low alarms
Pressure/Flow Rate:

Maximum 200 psi/1000ml per minute

Built in Regulation Provided

Calibration: PrimeTime 100%T Standard Certified
Enclosure: Nema 4X, IP66
Display: Multiline Custom LCD with backlight
Security Code: Prevents Unauthorized access
Built in Diagnostics: Yes
Storage Temperature: -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C)
Wetted Surfaces: Nylon, Quartz, Silicon, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel
Outdoor Installation: 32F to 122F (0C to 50C) (Protective enclosure required)
Certifications: CE, ETL (UL), ETLC (CSA)
Dimensions: 14"x12"x12" (35cm x 30cm x 30cm)
Shipping Weight: 2.72 kg (6 lbs.)
Electrical: 100 - 240 Volts, 50/60 CPS, 80VA

AccUView OnLine UV %T Instrument and Accessories

Catalog Number  Description

AccUView OnLine UV %Transmission Analyzer

Each unit includes 4-20mA with isolator, two alarm contacts, inline flow regulator, desiccant, power supply, PrimeTime Standard 100%T, Spare cuvette with Ultrasonic Transducer and operator's manual.

19609 Remote display, for an additional digital readout up to 500 feet away
19851A RS-485 output with Modbus Protocol (Factory Installed)
24232S Cuvette (Quartz), with Ultrasonic Transducer
21555R Desiccant Tray - Refill
21062 Tubing Kit - Includes: Tubing, fittings, shut off clamp, back pressure valve and drainvent
24235S Electronic Service Module AccUView
24165S Flow Through Assembly, Nylon (does not include cuvette.)
20106 Stilling/Bubble Chamber
01957 UV Lamp Service Module - Exchange
19323 100% T PrimeTime Standard - 500ml
70908 100% T PrimeTime Standard - 1 gallon
20779S Power Cord 120VAC/240VAC