UVT-15 UV Portable Transmission Photometer From HF Scientific

UVT-15 UV Portable Transmission Photometer
Designed to provide the accuracy demanded by today's user, the UVT-15 Photometer is ready to meet the challenge.  The shock resistant carrying case holds everything needed for measuring the transmittance of a sample.

Rugged Transportable Carrying Case:
Ensures durability and convenience regardless of sampling location.

Completely Self-Contained:
Provides easy access to everything you need to take the measurement.

Simple Calibration Procedures:
Calibration initiated with the push of a button ensures accurate readings.

Made in the USA

Range: 0 - 100 %Transmittance
Resolution: 1% Transmittance
Accuracy: 2%
Principle: Single beam UV filter photometer with pushbutton 100% transmittance control adjustment
Source: Low Pressure UV Germicidal Lamp
Electronics: Integrated circuit amplification and analog-to-digital conversion
Wavelength Accuracy: 253.7nm
Path Length: 10mm
Response Time: Full scale deflection in less that 2 seconds
Sample Cell: 10mm x 10mm quartz
Operating Temperature: 0 - 50C (32-122F)
Power Supply: Wall Adapter:
   120VAC 60Hz 12W UL
   & CSA approved
   220VAC 50Hz 19VA/CE
Display: 3.5" Digit LCD Display
Dimensions: 11"L x 7"W x 5"H
Shipping Dimensions: 11.5"L x 11"W x 13.5"H
Weight: 4 lbs. (1.8kg)
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7kg)

The UVT-15 UV includes Operating Instruction Decal, Quartz Cuvette and plug in power supply.



UVT-15 Instruments and Accessories

Catalog Number Description
19573 UVT-15 UV Photometer, 120V
19574 UVT-15 UV Photometer, 240V
  Note: Both of above include a quartz cuvette, plug-in power supply and are self-contained in a rugged carrying case.
19313 Quartz cuvette (package of 2)