MicroTOL,On-Line,Turbidimeter,HF Scientific

MicroTOL On-Line Turbidimeter From HF Scientific

MicroTOL On-line Turbidimeter

Leading edge Microelectronic Technology combined with 30 years of optical measurement expertise has allowed HF Scientific to become the leader in regulatory reporting turbidimeters. The HF MicroTOL On-Line Turbidimeter has been specifically designed to meet regulations of the EPA and ISO 7027. Features include fast and easy calibration, verification in seconds, low maintenance, fail safe design which ensures your instrument is always reading accurately, bubble rejection system and a data acquisition software system that allows logging and data storage for multiple turbidimeters.

Fast and Easy Calibration:
Verification in seconds while a complete calibration can be completed in less than 5 minutes.
Low Volume Sample Chamber:
Low volume sample chamber (30ml) reduces calibration costs and provides quick response times.
Low Maintenance Fail Safe Design:
Simple Modular Design.
Easy to Use and Service.
Bubble Rejection System:
Eliminates Bubbles without delaying the response time.
Modular microprocessor based technology ensures high quality at the industry's lowest price.

Made in the USA 

Optional Features:
Online Software:
Allows logging, comparisons, graphs and data acquisition for up to 256 online turbidimeters into a PC.
Remote Display:
Allows remote monitoring up to 500 feet away.

The MicroTOL is delivered fully calibrated and includes desiccant tray, power supply and manual.
MicroTOL,On-Line,Turbidimeter,HF Scientific


MicroTOL,On-Line,Turbidimeter,HF Scientific Operator's Manual

MicroTOL,On-Line,Turbidimeter,HF Scientific MicroTOL Modbus Manual

MicroTOL,On-Line,Turbidimeter,HF Scientific MicroTOL Full Specifications Sheets

Range: 0 - 1000 NTU
Measurement Principle: Nephelometry (90)
Accuracy: 2% of reading plus .01 NTU (0-10 NTU)
5% of reading plus .01 NTU (10-1000 NTU)
Resolution: 0.0001
Response Time: 1 to 20 seconds
Standard Outputs: 4-20 ma Galvanic Isolated or RS-485
User Alarms: 2 User selectable high/low Alarms
Light Source: White Light or Infrared (850nm)
Operating Temperature: 0-50C (32 to 122F)
Flow Rate: .026-1.5gpm (100ml/min - 6.0L/min)
Enclosure: Nema 4X, IP66
Display: Multiline Custom LCD
Certifications: ETL, ETLc, CE, USEPA, ISO7027

MicroTOL On-Line Turbidimeter Instruments and Accessories

Catalog Number                                   Description
20023 MicroTOLOnLine Turbidimeter - White Light (90 - 250VAC)
20024 MicroTOLOnLine Turbidimeter - Infrared (90 - 250VAC)
Note: Both of above include 4-20ma, desiccant, spare measuring cuvette with light shield, power supply, and an operator's manual.
24016 Cable - 12" Interconnect, Sensor to Power Supply
19955P Prime Time Primary Calibration Microspheres (White Light). Includes 250ml bottles, 0.02 & 10 NTU - enough solution for 6 calibrations.
19956P Prime Time Primary Calibration Microspheres (Infrared). Includes 250ml bottles, 0.02 & 10 NTU - enough solution for 6 calibrations.
19955G Prime Time Primary Calibration Microshperes (White Light). Includes 4 liter bottles, 0.02 & 10 NTU - enough solution for 100 calibrations.
19956G Prime Time Primary Calibration Microspheres (Infrared). Includes 4 liter bottles, 0.02 & 10 NTU - enough solution for 100 calibrations.
19953 Calibration Kit, Low Range, 0.02 & 10 NTU (White Light)
19961 Calibration Kit, Low Range, 0.02 & 10 NTU (Infrared)
19957 Calibration Kit, Full Range, 0.02, 10, & 1000 NTU (White Light)
19956 Calibration Kit, full range, 0.02, 10, & 1000 NTU (Infrared)
19787 Converter RS485 to RS232
21555R Dessicant Tray - Refill
19945 Flow Alarm (Factory Installed)
50125 Flow Through Assembly, Nylon (Rotational quick release flow head with cuvette.)
70914 Formazin Stock Solution - 4000 NTU in a 16oz bottle
19815 Electronic Sensor Module MicroTOL(White Light)
19815I Electronic Sensor Module MicroTOL(Infrared)
60002 Calibration Standard 0.02 NTU (EPA Approved)
19609 Remote Display
19615 RS-485 Interface - Addressable
20106 Stilling Chamber