Pneumatic Actuators From Hayward Industrial Products Inc.

  • Series PMD/PMS
    Plastic,Pneumatic,Actuators,Hayward,Industrial,ProductsHayward PMD and PMD actuators feature heavy-duty, corrosion resistant construction.

  • Series PAD/PAS
    Plastic,Pneumatic,Actuators,PAD,PAS,Hayward,Industrial,ProductsHayward PAD and PAS actuators feature a housing made of corrosion resistant plastic.

  • Series PKD/PKS
    Plastic,Pneumatic,Actuators,PKD,PKS,Hayward,Industrial,ProductsHayward PKD and PKS actuators feature a proven vane design for extremely reliable service with minimum maintenance.

  • Series PCD/PCS
    Plastic,Pneumatic,Actuators,PCD,PCS,Hayward,Industrial,ProductsHayward Series PCD and PCS Actuators are the best choice for applications requiring pneumatically actuated true union ball valves, three-way ball valves or butterfly valves.