RAY FS MT, Vertical Flow Sensor

RAY FS MT Vertical Flow Sensor

RAY FS MT, Vertical Flow SensorApplication

Volume measuring component for measuring heat for billing hot water consumption.


  • Multi-jet impeller meters designed to the latest technical standards with completely dry running operation and magnetic coupling

  • The roller counter is dustproof and condensation-proof and can be rotated for easier reading

  • For horizontal installation

  • The built-in pulse transmitter is cast in a waterproof enclosure and is easily replaceable

  • The pulse transmitter (24 V, 0.2 A) for volume measuring components is fitted with a 100 Ω , 1/4W protective resistor (cable length 3 m)

  • Facility for remote transmission of flow rates

  • The compact design in subassemblies simplifies maintenance and repair

  • Only the impeller operates in the wet chamber to prevent faults due to sediment

  • The meters are equipped with a sealed shield for protection against magnetic interference