DRG26 Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge From Kobold Instruments

DRG26,Stainless,Steel,Pressure,Gauge,Kobold,InstrumentsThe DRG26 - Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge w/ Switch all electrical connections are made via a weather proof 90° angle connector plug on the side of the indicator housing. Connections are made via numbered screw terminals inside the connector.

It is recommended that a multi-conductor jacketed cable be used. The outside diameter of the jacket should be large enough to ensure that the weather-tight cable gland on the plug can be tightened down snugly.

DRG26 - Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge w/ Switch

  • Range: Per part number and catalog specifiaction
  • Accuracy:
    20 PSIG Full Scale or Less: ±1.6% of Full Scale
    30 PSIG Full SCale or More: ±1.0% of Full Scale
  • Fittings: 1/2” NPT
  • Wetted Parts:
    DRG26: 316Ti Stainless Steel
    DRF34: Brass, Bronze, Copper
  • Housing Diameter: 4” of 6.3”
  • Housing Materials:
    DRG26: 304 Stainless Steel
    DRF34: Aluminum standard, optionally 304 Stainless Steel
  • Movement:
    DRG26: 316 Ti Stainless Steel
    DRF34: Brass
  • Switch Ratings:
    Maximum Voltage: 250 VAC
    Maximum Current: 0.6 amps
    Maximum Power: 10 w/18 VA
  • Electrical Protection:
    Unfilled Housings: NEMA 3R
    Oil Filled Housings: NEMA.

Special Features:

  • Combination Pressure Gauge & Switch
  • 1 or 2 SPST Switches Possible
  • Bourdon Tube Design
  • ±1.0% Accuracy
  • Pulsation and Vibration Damping Through Optional Paraffin Oil Filling

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