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Microprocessor-Based Boiler Controller Model 2255
From Neptune Chemical Pump Company Inc

Lakewood Model 2255 Multi-Boiler Controller

Discontinued Model

The Lakewood Model 2255 Multi-Boiler Controller uses LonWorks® Technology for accurate control of your boiler system. The system will allow control of 1-to-8 boilers using the cycle/sample or continuous sample method. Two water meter inputs are available which can be used to feed chemicals. Each conductivity input contains its own microcontroller which talks directly to the relay that controls the motorized ball valve for each boiler. The 2255 can be programmed with LRWS (Lakewood Remote Windows Software) or from the keypad of the controller. LRWS allows data to be accumulated on all boilers, water meter inputs, chemical pump on time and more. LRWS will also allow the user to make graphs of the downloaded information, print conductivity values or export information for use with datalogging spreadsheets.

* LONWORKS is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation.

Model 2255 Multi-Boiler Controller Cut Sheet

Model 2255 Multi-Boiler Controller Spec Sheet

Model 2255 Multi-Boiler Controller Manual

  • Steam flashing detector and compensation.

  • Control and monitor 1 to 8 boilers.

  • Future boilers can be added to an existing system.

  • Boiler input(s) can be substituted to monitor condensate.

  • Sample/cycle or continuous conductivity control of blowdown.

  • Use sample/cycle for blowdown less than 1,000 lb./hr.

  • Use continuous for blowdown greater than 1,000 lb./hr.

  • Two water/flowmeter inputs provided.

  • Can feed chemical according to water meter, percent of bleed, or percent on-time.

  • Interactive communications software datalog and control (-RS2L & -RTC Options).

  • Four different languages.

English Spanish (standard)
English French (optional)
English German (optional)

  • Accurate control of boiler conductivity.

  • Control results in fuel savings by preventing excessive blowdown.

  • Prevents carryover due to excessive conductivity.

  • One controller can monitor and datalog up to 8 Boilers.


Controller Inputs

  • Power 80-300 VAC

  • Network Inputs One to Eight boilers, Two NRLY's and up to 8 NCONís

  • Water Meter Input Two contacting head or hall effect.


  • 2255 Relays Four for alarms or chemfeed 3 Amps @ 120 VAC

  • NRLY Four in each NRLY, 3 Amps @ 120 VAC

Sensor (SR2)

  • Pressure 600 psi (41.4 bar)

  • Max. Temperature 486ºF (252º C)

  • Body Carbon Steel

  • Electrode 416SS

  • Insulator PEEK

  • Connection 3/4 inch MNPT

NCON, Conductivity Node

  • Conductivity Range 0-10,000m S

  • Conductivity Accuracy 1% of full scale

  • Conductivity Resolution 1% of reading

  • Ambient Temperature 32-158º F (0-70º C)

  • Temperature comp. Automatic or disable

  • Power 24 VDC

NRLY, Relay Node

  • Ambient Temperature 32-158º F (0-70º C)

  • Enclosure ABS Plastic

  • Power 24 VD


  • Deadband Adjustable

  • Conductivity Setpoint Sample\cycle or continuous

  • Sample Time Adjustable

  • Cycle Time Adjustable

  • Keypad Numeric

  • Display Illuminated 128x64 pixel LCD

  • Ambient Temperature 32-158º F (0-70º C)

  • Enclosure ABS Plastic

Model 2255 shown with eight SR2Ns and two NRLYs.

Ordering Information
LONWORKS Technology based multi-boiler cycle/sample or continuous blowdown conductivity controller. Standard range is 0-10,000 µS and can control up to 8 boilers. The controller has a total of 4 additional relays which are configurable for HIGH/LOW alarms or feed chemical based on 2 makeup sources. One NRLY is included to operate up to 4 boilers. For 5-8 boilers, a second NRLY will need to be purchased. Requires one SR2N or SR4N and a PL5, PL6 or GV per boiler (NIN included).
CONTROLLER OPTIONS (optional, select one or more)
Communications node with LRWS program. Requires -RTC.
Schedule feed timer with 28-day programmable clock for selectable relays. Required for operation of -RS2L.
LANGUAGE OPTIONS (optional, choose one, English and Spanish Standard)
English and French.
English and German.
ADDITIONAL OUTPUT RELAYS (required for 5-8 boilers)
Four additional relays with enclosure.
SENSOR WITH NODE OPTIONS (recommended, select one below)
Boiler water sensor with NCON and enclosure, 3/4 inch NPT; rated to 600 psi @ 486ºF (41.4 bar @ 252ºC).
4-electrode sensor with NCON and enclosure, 3/4 inch NPT; rated to 250 psi @ 392ºF (17.2 bar @ 374ºC).
PLUMBING (recommended, need one of the below per boiler)
Plumbing for cycle/sample assembly 1/2 inch (1/8 & 1/16 orifice plates and union).
Plumbing for continuous sample assembly, 1/2 inch(1/8 & 1/16 orifice plates & union).
Plumbing for cycle/sample assembly 3/4 inch (1/8 & 1/16 orifice plates and union).
Plumbing for continuous sample assembly 3/4 inch (1/8 & 1/16 orifice plates & union).
1/2 inch forged globe valve for flow metering instead of an orifice plate and union.
(Note: Two GV options are required for continuous sample and one for cycle/sample.)
MOUNTING OPTIONS (optional, select one only)
Panel mount 6 1/4 inch square cutout.
Bracket for pipe mounting.
Windows-based software program for computer to communicate with 2000 Series.
BLOWDOWN VALVE OPTIONS (optional, select one only)
Motorized 1/2 inch blowdown valve with 1036 actuator; rated to 250 psi @ 400ºF (17.2 bar @ 204ºC).
Motorized 3/4 inch blowdown valve with 1036 actuator; rated to 250 psi @ 400ºF (17.2 bar @ 204ºC).
High pressure motorized 1/2 inch blowdown valve w/1275 actuator; rated to 600 psi @ 550ºF (41.4 bar @ 288ºC).
High pressure motorized 3/4 inch blowdown valve w/1275 actuator; rated to 600 psi @ 550ºF (41.4 bar @ 288ºC).
Pneumatic high pressure 1/2 inch blowdown valve w/1034 actuator; rated to 600 psi @ 486ºF (41.4 bar @ 252ºC).



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