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Lutz Pump Adapters

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Specification Order No.

Barrel Adaptor
Barrel adaptor supports the pump tube in the bunghole, preventing pump from tilting drum when empty.

For Pump Tubes:
PP, PVDF-MS 0208-007
MMS/MSL, Alu/SS, MP SS, RE 88 SS 0204-215

Barrel Adaptor in Galvanized Steel
Barrel adaptor supports the pump tube in the bunghole, preventing pump from tilting drum when empty.

For mixing pump PP 0208-013
B70V 0204-169

Emission Proof Fume Barrier
To prevent emission of dangerous gasses when using a drum pump, thus protecting the operator, the environment, and the drive moter from hazardous, aggerssive gasses and vapors. Two venting valves ensure pressure compensation inside and outside the drum.
Connection for gas displacement pipe: 3/8" female
Seals: Vitron® as standard.
Other threads and seal materials on request.

Material: Pump Tube Diameter:
PP 1.58 and 1.62 inches 0204-250
brass 1.62 inches 0204-252Lutz,Pump,Adapters
stainless steel 1.62 inches 0204-253Lutz,Pump,Adapters

Foot Strainers
Available in PP, brass, and stainless steel, for mounting on the pump foot. Prevents impurities from entering the pump.

Material: Pump Tube:
PP PP dia. 40 mm 0343-105
PP PP dia. 41 mm 0343-177
PVDF PVDF 41 mm 0343-187
stainless steel SS dia. 41 mm 0204-617
stainless steel B70V 0204-802

Discharge Spouts
For transfer liquids to other vessels. Available in PP, aluminum, and stainless steel. Spouts are connected onto the pump's discharge.

Material: Nominal Diameter: Wing Nut:
PP 3/4" 1-1/4" 0204-200
Alu 1" 1-1/4" 0204-373
SS 1" 1-1/4" 0204-225ex.gif (192 bytes)
SS 1-1/2" (for B70V) 1-1/2" 0204-226ex.gif (192 bytes)



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