Lutz Pump, Solutions, AdBlue®/DEF

Lutz Pump Solutions for AdBlue®/DEF

Lutz Pump, Solutions, AdBlue®/DEFAdblue®/DEF is an aqueous reduction solution, specially developed for SCR systems (selective catalytic reduction) for the use in diesel-engine commercial vehicles for the reduction of toxic NOx parts in the flue gas stream. Adblue® is stored in a separate tank in the truck.
Lutz Pumps Inc. is the partner and technology leader for Adblue®/DEF fuelling systems. Tailored solutions provide a constant quality of the ultra pure reduction solution.

  • All components and materials suitable for AdBlue®/DEF

  • Neither lubricants nor mechanical seals inside the pump are used which can cause contamination of Adblue®/DEF

  • Speed controlled for filling trucks and cars

  • Sealless construction allows dry-running

  • A complete drainage is guaranteed

  • Easy to install and to operate

Pump set Lutz B2 AdBlue®/DEF

Ideally suited for the transfer of AdBlue®/DEF from drums and containers. The infinitely variable speed controller allows a controlled and comfortable filling of smaller and larger liquid amounts.


Lutz Pump, Solutions, AdBlue®/DEF