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Digital Refractometer
Abbe Mark III From Misco



Abbe Mark III Digital Abbe Refractometer

Entry Level Abbe Refractometer is Mainstay of Industrial & Academic Laboratories

The Reichert Abbe Mark III replaces the legendary Mark II Plus. It has all of the familiar features of the Mark II Plus together with new features usually found on more advanced refractometers.

The Mark III is a transmitted light refractometer which measures the light that passes through the sample as opposed to the light reflected off a surface of a fluid. A transmitted light refractometer, like the Abbe Mark III, will allow the user to view the actual shadow line. Transmitted light refractometers are preferable for some applications involving transparent, translucent, and semi-translucent liquids and solids that are difficult to measure on other types of refractometers.

Use it like you would the Mark II Plus; after placing your sample between the two prisms, simply look through the eyepiece, rotate the large side wheel until the shadowline intersects with the crosshairs, and then press the Read key. The measurement will be displayed on the LCD screen along with temperature, date, and time.

The measurement range of 1.3000 to 1.7000 (0.0 to 95.0% Solids) is one of the widest of any refractometer available. Measurement accuracy is +/-0.0001 refractive index (0.1% solids) is insured using software that automatically detects temperature equilibration.

You have a choice of controlling the instrument temperature with a water bath or using the built-in automatic temperature compensation in both percent solids and refractive index mode. The Mark III can hold 14 custom measurement scales in addition to refractive index and % Solids. The sample is illuminated using a special LED light source.

Note: Unit is supplied with 2 x RS232 serial communication ports that allow connectivity to a PC and printer.

Technical Support
All we sell are refractometers; they are not just catalog items to us. We use these instruments in our own laboratory on a daily basis. This helps make MISCO the establishd industry leader in refractive index measurement.

Abbe Mark III Digital Refractometer Features:

  • Is Dependability Important?
    The Abbe Mark II Plus bench-top refractometer has been a mainstay of laboratories and universities for more than two decades. The fact that there are thousands of Abbe Mark II Plus refractometers still in the field today attests to their dependability.

  • In House Repair
    We offer a complete in-house repair and recalibration service for the Mark II Plus Refractometers including prism repotting and prism replacement.

  • Reconditioned Mark IIs
    In addition to new Mark II Plus Refractometers, we usually have a number of reconditioned Abbe Mark II model 10480 and model 10494 in stock and available at a substantial discount (call for availability).

Abbe Mark III Digital Refractometer Specifications:
% Solds 
Refractive Index (nD) 
0.00 to 95.00 Brix 
1.3000 to 1.7000 nD 
0.1 % Solids 
0.0001 nD 
+/- 0.1 % Solids 
+/- 0.0001 nD 
Reading Speed 
~ 5-7 seconds 
Calibration Points 
One or more 
Temp. Comp. Range 
15 to 50 C - Brix Only 
Sample Temperatures 
10 to 80 C 
Computer Interface 
2 x RS232 Serial Port 
Sample Types 
Solid & Liquids 
On-Screen Languages 
Interval Trigger 
Delay Trigger 
Temp. Trigger 
Display of Shadowline 
Direct View 
Reading/Calibration History 
U.L., C.S.A., CE, VDE 
152 mm x 262 mm x 356 mm (6 
7.3 kg (16 lbs.) 
Temp. Control 
Water Bath 


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