Inline/Process Refractometer Misco M111 From Misco


MISCO M111 Inline Refractometer

An inline refractometer can maximize the profitability of your process or manufacturing lines! Each MISCO M111 Inline Refractometer is custom designed to continuously monitor and control the concentration of dissolved solids or water soluble liquids in your process lines, saving you time and money. The M111 will automatically monitor the refractive index of your process, giving you a temperature-compensated reading which can be easily correlated to percent solids, Brix, Be or specific gravity scale. You can have 24-hour monitoring of quality without the time involved with periodic sampling.


This versatile inline refractometer comes standard with a 4-20 mA output which allows you to record and automatically control your critical process. You can increase your profitability by maintaining a consistent high quality product and by eliminating wasted fluid and time.


The M111 inline refractometer has extensive applications in the food, beverage, sugar, chemical and metal-working industries and can monitor and control nearly any liquid with dissolved solids or soluble liquids. For metal working, an optimum lubrication to coolant ratio results in maximum tool life and productivity. This inline refractometer can provide 24-hour continuous monitoring of your lubrication fluid without your having to stop to use a hand refractometer. You can mount the small console right on your CNC mill or other workstation for immediate and continuous visual feedback. Never again will your mixture run lean or rich without your knowing it.

All Fluids

Whether the fluid is transparent or milky, green, brown or white, 3% or 25%, this inline refractometer can continuously and easily measure and control the mixture ratio. The M111 Inline Refractometer has a 4 - 20 mA output which can be used in conjunction with your PLC or other controls to automatically maintain the ideal fluid mixture.

M111 Inline Process Refractometer Features:

  • NEMA IV Housing
    The console features a built-in AGC loop compensator for LED aging and suspended solids. The console and sensor are waterproof and drip-proof and comply with NEMA 4 for safety and long life.

  • 4 to 20 mA Output
    The 4-20 mA output may be sent to a chart recorder or be used to automatically control a process. The 0-100% Analog Display Meter is easily correlated to your specific monitoring requirements, Be, S.G., Brix, etc.

M111 Inline Process Refractometer Specifications:

0 to 100 Brix 
1.3330 to 1.5400 R.I. 
Max. Recommended Span: 
40 Brix or Equiv. 
Better Than 5% of Span 
Better Than 1% of Span 
Better Than 1% of Span 
Temp. Range: 
0 to 250 'F 
110/220 VAC input 
Console Dimensions: 
W 7.09