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MISCO VIP Inline Process Refractometer For In Line Process Control

Each MISCO VIP Inline Process Refractometer is custom designed for your application. An in line process refractometer allows you to continuously monitor and control the concentration of dissolved solids or water-soluble liquids, saving you both time and money. The VIP process refractometer will automatically monitor the specified parameters of your process giving you a temperature compensated reading that is easily correlated to percent solids or other physical property of interest. You can have 24-hour monitoring of quality without the time involved in periodic manual sampling.

Unlimited Applications

Inline refractometers maximize the profitability of your process or manufacturing line! The MISCO VIP Refractometer has extensive applications in the food, beverage, sugar, chemical and metalworking industries and can monitor and control virtually any liquid with dissolved solids or soluble liquids. Inline process refractometers increase your profitability by maintaining a consistent high-quality product and by eliminating wasted fluid and operator time. Call our applications' engineers for assistance with your particular application.


This versatile inline process refractometer is microprocessor controlled and is configured with dual 4-20 mA outputs, which allow you to record and/or automatically control your critical process. These outputs may be configured for many possible applications, for example:

1. Configure for a single process fluid with one output dedicated to a chart recorder and the second output dedicated to a PLC, or..

2. Configure each output to read two different fluids, or..

3. Configure each output to read a different range for a single fluid.

Each VIP inline process refractometer is equipped with five relays. We can set any combination of these relays for you to trigger at speciific preset thresholds.

VIP Inline Process Refractometer Features:

  • NEMA IV Housing
    The controller and sensor are fully waterproof and comply with NEMA 4 for safety and durability.

  • Multiple Outputs
    Twin 4-20 mA outputs may be sent to a chart recorder, PLC, or used to automatically control a process. Factory-set relay controller allows you to control up to five pumps or other devices.

  • Digital Display
    The 16-character digital LCD display is easily correlated to your specific monitoring requirements directly in the unit of measure of interest.

  • Options
    The VIP inline process refractometer may be configured for 12-volt or 24-volt DC operation. Standard 12-foot cable length may be extended to 36 feet. Choose from 1.5" NPT threaded sensor head or tri-clamp design.

VIP Inline Process Refractometer Specifications:

Concentration Units 
Customer Specified 
Concentration Precision 
+/- 1% of Span 
nD Precision 
+/- 0.0005 Refractive Index 
Range 1 
1.3330 to 1.3950 R.I. 
Temp. Range - Sensor 
-29 to 100 'C (-20 to 212 'F) 
Temp. Range - Controller 
0 to 52 'C (32 to 125 'F) 
Process Pressure 
10.3 bar (150 p.s.i.) Max 
Sensing Surface 
Sensor Construction 
Stainless Steel 
Power Input (specify) 
24VDC (12 VDC Optional) 
Max. Power Consumption 
1.0 Ampere 
Sensor Cable Length 
3.7 meters (12 foot) Standard 
Gasket Material 
Sensor Connector 
Sanitary Tri-Clamp 

Additional Information:

Tri-Clamp Sanitary Head Drawing
Threaded Sensor Head Drawing