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Palm Abbe PA202x Human Urine Refractometer From Misco



Digital Urine Refractometer PA202X

New Low Cost
Stop Wrestling with Reagent Test Strips for Urine Specific Gravity Readings.
It is now easier and more accurate than ever to measure clinical urine specific gravity and urine total solids with the New Palm Abbe digital urine refractometer. The Palm Abbe is a fourth-generation digital handheld refractometer that puts laboratory precision in the palm of your hand. Not just laboratory precision, but laboratory precision for the price of a traditional analog refractometer. It is exactly the kind of bold, cutting-edge technology you would expect from MISCO, the company that pioneered the digital handheld refractometer.

Read Urine Specific Gravity & Urine Total Solids
Refractometers have been proven time and time again to be more accurate than hydrometers or reagent test strips for testing urine. The Palm Abbe is fast, convenient, and easy to use. Simply place a drop or two of urine in the stainless-steel sample well and press a button. The custom-designed microprocessor delivers a nearly instantaneous readout of urine specific gravity or urine total solids.

Never Bring Urine Near Your Face Again!
The large dual-line LCD display is easily read, even in dim light, and removes the subjectivity associated with interpreting where a boundary line crosses tiny scale divisions, as with conventional handheld refractometers.

And, it is so easy to use! The user interface consists of two buttons, one to take readings and the other to step through various menu options.

Calibration is automatic and does not require the use of special calibration solutions, or tools. The Palm Abbe refractometer automatically calibrates itself to water and is ready to use in seconds. No more screws to turn and nothing to adjust.

Nonlinear temperature compensation is automatic and insures that fluids read between 0 and 50 C (+32 to 122 F) are measured accurately.

 Feature   Specification
 Well Material:  Stainless-Steel
 Prism Material:  Sapphire
 Temp. Comp. Range:   0 to 50'C (32 to 122'F)
 Temp. Comp. Basis:  Sucrose
 Min. Sample Volume:  ~0.3 ml
 Measuring Time:  ~5 Seconds
 Power Supply:  2 X AAA
 Battery Life:  4000+ Readings
 Dimensions:  145 x 75 x 37 mm (5.7 x 2.95 x 1.46 in.)
 Net Weight:  250 grams (8.8 Oz.)
 Display Language:  English Only
 Display:  2 Line x 12 Characters
 Body Color:  Light Blue

Palm Abbe PA202X Digital Refractometer Features:

  • Beats the Competition Palms Down
    The Palm Abbe refractometer has a wider range and twice the accuracy of the Pal-1. Compare the Palm Abbe to refractometers costing more than $1,000.

  • Digital Accuracy
    Digital refractometers remove the subjectivity associated with reading traditional refractometers.

  • Auto Temp. Compensation
    The Palm Abbe features non-linear temperature compensation that accurately compensates for fluid temperatures regardless or temperature or concentration.

  • Built Tough
    The Palm Abbe is built from high-impact, chemically resistant plastic. It is very water-resistant and designed to operate in the most demanding industrial environments.

  • Choose Up to Five Scales
    The Palm Abbe PA203 may be custom programmed with up to five different scales. Select from hundreds of available scales. If you ever change your mind, send it back to us, and we can reprogram it for you. Whatever your application we have a scale that will measure the exact unit of measure you want or we’ll make it custom for you.

  • Quality You Can Measure
    The accuracy of your measurement is always dependent on the quality of your instrument.

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PA202-93-95 Digital Urine Refractometer Scales:

Unit of Measure  Range  Resolution  Precision 
Urine Specific Gravity D20/20  1.0000 to 1.0450  0.0001  +/- 0.0005 
Urine Total Solids (g/l)  0.0 to 11.5  0.1  +/- 0.1 

Additional Information:

Palm Abbe Product Brochure


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