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Neptune Accessories

Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,Inc,Metering,Pumps,Feed,SystemsNeptune Accessories feature Neptune Back Pressure Valves, Neptune Calibration Cylinders, Neptune Corporation Stops, Neptune Injection Quills, Neptune Pulsation Dampeners, Neptune Relief Valves and Neptune Sample Coolers.


Neptune Systems

Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,Inc,Metering,Pumps,Feed,SystemsNeptune Back Pressure Valves

Back Pressure Valves maintain a set pressure at the pump outlet port (discharge) to assure accurate metering and are also used to prevent syphoning. Use of the Back Pressure Valve assures proper metering pump check valve operation when the system pressure against which the pump is injecting fluid is too low.

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Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,Inc,Metering,Pumps,Feed,SystemsNeptune Calibration Cylinders

Neptune Calibration Columns provide a fast, easy and economical means of checking the flow rate of your chemical metering pump.

The most accurate test of metering pump flow rate is to measure the drawdown rate on the suction side while leaving the discharge undisturbed in its normal steady state operating condition. Pump flow rate verification on a periodic basis or after maintenance is important to system accuracy.

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Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,Inc,Metering,Pumps,Feed,SystemsNeptune Corporation Stops and Injection Quills

Corporation Stops with injection quills are used for injecting chemicals pumped by metering pumps into tanks, mains, cooling towers and process systems. Quill extends into the center of the stream providing more uniform dispersion of injection chemical.

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Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,Inc,Metering,Pumps,Feed,SystemsNeptune Pulsation Dampeners

Neptune dampeners are installed on the discharge side of positive displacement pumps to remove the pulsating flow caused by the start and stop action of the pump. Dampeners ensure a smooth and continuous flow, eliminate pipe vibration and protect in-line instrumentation.

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Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,Inc,Metering,Pumps,Feed,SystemsNeptune Relief Valves

Neptune Relief Valves have two outstanding characteristics:

Economy. Models RV-316-1, -2, -3 and -4 with all 316SS wetted parts cost no more than other 304SS designs. Carpenter 20 valves are also available as standard.

Simplicity. Neptune's exclusive design uses a self-cleaning ball check and seat. It has a unique spring guide which assures proper spring loading and consistent relief capacity.

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Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,Inc,Metering,Pumps,Feed,SystemsNeptune Sample Coolers

Neptune Sample Coolers are used to cool hot water or steam samples for easy handling and effective sample collection.

Sample Coolers are suitable for use on hot water, saturated steam, or superheated steam services.

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