High Volume,Low Pressure,Metering,Pumps,Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,Inc

High Volume Low Pressure Metering Pumps From Neptune Chemical Pump Company Inc

High Volume,Low Pressure,Metering,Pumps,Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,IncThe Neptune Series 8000 "dia-PUMP" is a hydraulically- actuated diaphragm pump designed for high volume metering applications such as regeneration, pretreatment and waste treatment. Both simplex and duplex models are available.


• Suction and discharge valves can be removed for cleaning without disconnecting the piping.

• Pump capacity is adjustable by micrometer dial.

• Electric positioners or variable speed drives are available for automatic capacity control.

High Volume,Low Pressure,Metering,Pumps,Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,Inc• Capacities to 350 gph simplex; 700 gph duplex. Pressures to 100 psi.

• All moving parts of the Series 8000 "dia-PUMP" run submerged in oil for extended service.

• Hydraulic flexing and balance of diaphragm eliminates diaphragm stress.

• The Series 8000 "dia-PUMP" needs no packing, thereby eliminating packing leakage and the resulting maintenance.