High Viscosity Metering Pumps V-Pumps From Neptune Chemical Pump Company Inc

High,Viscosity,Metering,Pumps,V-Pumps,Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,IncNeptune high viscosity, flat diaphragm "V-Pumps" are designed to accurately meter viscous fluids up to 5000 cP such as polymers and other thick liquids.

Features and Benefits
• Handles moderate viscosity fluids.

• Standard flat diaphragm.

• Large internal porting with a large, single ball, suction check valve.

• Capacities to 30 gph (113 lph) at 100 psi (8 kg/cm2).

• Available in all 316SS with SS trim.

• Electric or pneumatic stroke control options and variable speed drives.

• Variable Oil By-pass™ stroke adjustment mechanism provides better valve performance than variable linkage designs.

• Teflon® diaphragm withstands most chemicals.

Variable Oil By-pass™ stroke adjustment allows an adjustable time delay between the end of the suction stroke and the beginning of the discharge stroke. This delay permits the ball to seat fully before pumping resumes, even in the heaviest liquids, so that pumping accuracy remains high.