Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Cleaning System from Oakton Instruments

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Cleaning System

Cleaning system minimizes bio-film formation problems in submersible applications.


Automatically cleans the membrane of your Oakton DO probe
Simple installation in adjustable mounting elbow

The Oakton Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Cleaning System is a simple way to keep your DO probe membrane clean for accurate readings and long life. Use with Oakton industrial probe WD-35201-50 and -52 (sold separately; see DO 1000 controller ad).


The nylon brush sweeps off built-up material on sensor membrane and also creates a small temporary flow past the membrane, so that the internal electrolytes are not depleted by oxygen consumption at the membrane.

3"L x 3"W x 1.125"H
Shipping weight
2.0 lbs

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