ION 510 Benchtop Meter from Oakton Instruments

ION 510 Benchtop Meter

Measure pH, mV, direct ion concentration and temperature at an economical price!


Direct readout of ion concentration
Preprogrammed ion calibration points make meter easy to use
Dual display of pH or mV plus temperature, or ppm and electrode output in mV
Selectable pH buffer sets and three-point pH calibration with auto buffer recognition
Works with any Ion Selective Electrode with BNC connector
Manual or Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Built-in electrode stand; slide-out reference card
Store up to 50 readings into memory
Recorder output; Hold function; Selectable "Ready" function

The ION 510 meter features preprogrammed ion calibration points that let you be ready to take readings in minutes. Large LCD display shows pH or mV and °C readings, or ppm and mV electrode output in the ion mode. This simultaneous display of ppm and mV allows the user to verify electrode operation while taking measurements.

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ION,510,Benchtop,Meter,Oakton,Instruments ION 510 Benchtop Meter Product Bulletin
ION,510,Benchtop,Meter,Oakton,Instruments pH 510 Benchtop Manual

Ion, mV, pH, °C
pH Range
0.00 to 14.00 pH
pH Resolution
0.01 pH
pH Accuracy
±0.01 pH
pH Calibration
Up to 3 points; select USA (4.01, 7.00, 10.01) or NIST (4.01, 6.86, 9.18) buffer sets
mV Range
-1999 to +1999 mV
mV Resolution
0.1 mV from ±199.9 mV; 1 mV beyond ±199.9 mV
mV Accuracy
±0.2 mV from ±199.9 mV; ±2 mV beyond ±199.9 mV
mV Calibration
offset up to ±150 mV
Ion Range
0.01 to 1999 ppm
Ion Resolution
0.01 ppm from 0.01 to 0.99 ppm
0.1 ppm from 1.0 to 199.9 ppm
1 ppm from 200 to 1999 ppm
Ion Accuracy
±0.5% of reading
Ion Calibration
2 or 3 points (0.1, 1, 10, 100 ppm)
Temperature Range
0.0 to 100.0°C
Temperature Resolution
Temperature Accuracy
Temperature Calibration
offset 0.1°C increments up to ±5°C
up to 50 sets
9" x 7" x 2.4" (23 x 18 x 6 cm)
Shipping weight
1.25 lb (0.6 kg)

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