Eutech pH 800 Controller, Oakton Instruments

Eutech pH 800 Controller from Oakton Instruments

Eutech pH 800 Controller, Oakton InstrumentsEconomical, reliable on/off control even in high electrical noise applications!

  • Large dual LCD shows pH (or ORP) and temperature simultaneously

  • Two set point, two SPDT relay for on/off control

  • Symmetrical mode operation eliminates electrical noise

  • HOLD feature deactivates relays on contact closure; ideal for float switches or dual controller applications

  • 0 to 2000 second time delay adjustment on all relays

  • Separately adjustable high and low set point hysteresis bands prevent rapid contact switching near set points

  • Push button two-point calibration and electrode offset adjustment

  • Protected against electromagnetic interference

  • LED indicators signal control activities to monitor controller status

  • Battery back-up of memory maintains set-up if power fails

The pH 800 controller provides 0.01 pH accuracy for reliable, easy-to-use on/off control of your pH and mV process. Two separately programmable relays are ideal for acid feed/base feed applications. Use the isolated 4-20 mA output to send data to your recorder or data acquisition system for hard copy reports.

Customize your controller to fit your exact application! This unit is selectable for pH or ORP (mV) control and manual or automatic temperature compensation. The 1/4 DIN size fits into standard panel cutouts. IP54 rated front panel keypad is weather resistant. Mounting hardware included.

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pH 800 controller manual

Measures pH, mV, °C
pHRange 0.00 to 14.00 pH
pHResolution 0.01 pH
pHAccuracy ±0.01 pH
pHCalibration one or two points (select from pH 1.00, 4.01, 6.86, 7.00, 9.00, 9.18, or 10.00)
mVRange ±1000 mV
mVResolution 1 mV
mVAccuracy ±1 mV
mVCalibration mV offset
TemperatureRange -9.9 to 125°C
TemperatureResolution 0.1°C
TemperatureAccuracy ±0.1°C
TemperatureCalibration offset up to ±5°C
Control type on/off
Number of inputs one
Number of set points two (high and low)
Separate alarm relay no
OutputControl 2 SPDT relays, 6 A at 110 VAC, 250 VAC maximum
OutputCurrent isolated 4-20 mA, 600 W maximum load
Hysteresis 0.1 to 1.0 pH, 10 to 100 mV, or 1 to 10%
Relay delay selectable, 0 to 2000 seconds
Input impedance 10^6 MW
Electrical isolation yes, galvanically
Temperature Sensor 100 W or 1000 W Pt RTD
Temperature Compensation Automatic or manual from -9.9 to 125°C
Password protection two level password
Display dual line LCD, 4-digit upper and 3 1/2 digit lower
Operating Temperature -10 to 60°C
Housing 1/4 DIN
Dimensions 3.8" x 3.8" x 6.9" (9.6 x 9.6 x 17.5 cm)
Shipping weight 2.5 lbs (1.2 kg)