pH FlexipHet Electrodes from Oakton Instruments

pH FlexipHet Electrodes

Rugged, nonglass ISFET pH probes provide faster and more reliable pH measurements.


Use with standard pH meters with BNC connectors; no specialized meters needed
Silicon chip sensors are virtually unbreakable
Cup-style model requires only a small sample
IP67 rated, fully submersible housing

FlexipHet electrodes use silicon chip sensor ISFET technology for areas where broken glass electrodes can be hazardous to the sample or the environment. The clog-resistant sensing area requires minimal routine maintenance - simply run under water or use a toothbrush to clean. Electrodes can be stored dry.

Four types are available:

A. General purpose gel filled is suited for most pH measurements. It features a flattened tip with a ridge - use with a small sample as a cup-style microsensor.

B. Cone tip gel filled is useful for thick, dirty or sticky samples.

C. Cone tip refillable accepts different fills for different applications.

D. Stainless steel penetration tip allows easy penetration in dense or very viscous samples and semi-solids.

Penetration tip model has a temperature range of 0 to 60°C; all others -5 to 105°C.

IMPORTANT: To take pH readings with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), also order a temperature probe separately below.


Use with all OAKTON pH meters except pH Wand and pH/CON 10

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