Electrode Care,Oakton,Instruments

Electrode Care from Oakton Instruments

Electrode Care

Solutions to clean, store and fill electrodes

Electrode Care,Oakton,Instruments

Electrode Care,Oakton,Instruments
Extend the life of your electrodes and maintain accurate readings
Electrode Care,Oakton,Instruments
Use cleaning and storage solution with any pH or ORP electrodes

Electrode storage solution keeps pH/ORP electrode bulbs moist for faster, more accurate readings. Use storage solution with electrode saver bottle WD-35805-50 (included with all Oakton 12 mm electrodes) to extend the life of your electrode and maintain accurate readings. Accepts pH electrodes up to 12 mm in dia.

General-purpose pH/ORP electrode cleaning solution removes build-up from electrodes and maintains electrode sensitivity.

Storage and cleaning solutions come in 1 pint bottles.

Use the reference fill solutions with refillable pH electrodes



Click below to download a .pdf copy of the solution MSDS:
Electrode Care,Oakton,Instruments MSDS, pH Electrode Storage Solution
Electrode Care,Oakton,Instruments MSDS, pH Electrode Cleaning solution

Use with Use with any pH or ORP electrodes

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