Conductivity/TDS Cells Waterproof Series from Oakton Instruments

Conductivity/TDS Cells: Waterproof Series features built-in temperature compensation


Waterproof,Series,Conductivity,TDS,Cells,Oakton,Instruments Cells with K = 1.0 have removable a probe guard for easy cleaning

Choose from three different cell constants:
• K = 1.0 for midrange conductivity measurements.
• K = 10.0 for high conductivity measurements (near or above 20 mS)
• K = 0.1 for low conductivity measurements (near or below 20 µS)

Each conductivity/TDS cell has a temperature range of 0 to 100°C.


Use with CON 400, CON 410, TDS 400, pH/CON 300 and pH/CON 510 meters

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