Relative Humidity,Temperature,Datalogger,Oakton,Instruments

Relative Humidity/Temperature Datalogger from Oakton Instruments

Relative Humidity/Temperature Datalogger automatically log humidity and temperature (°C or °F) readings for months, then download data to your computer or printer.

Relative Humidity,Temperature,Datalogger,Oakton,Instruments

Relative Humidity,Temperature,Datalogger,Oakton,Instruments Memory holds up to 16000 readings
Relative Humidity,Temperature,Datalogger,Oakton,Instruments Display shows current conditions; switch to min/max values by day(s)/hours(s) with a button press
Relative Humidity,Temperature,Datalogger,Oakton,Instruments Built-in infrared (IRDA) transmitter sends data to optional IR printer
Relative Humidity,Temperature,Datalogger,Oakton,Instruments Selectable sampling rate from once per 10 seconds to once per 2 hours
Relative Humidity,Temperature,Datalogger,Oakton,Instruments Display flashes if alarm set point limits are exceeded
Relative Humidity,Temperature,Datalogger,Oakton,Instruments Use optional external sensors to display and log additional external readings.

The RH/TempLog let you effortlessly track temperature and humidity data for months! It’s ideal for shipping or storage, laboratories, factories, cold rooms, greenhouses and more. The compact splashproof housing is perfect for busy or rugged areas.


Software lets you set sampling rate and create graphs. It also lets you customize logging parameters: set the logging interval, select delayed or immediate start, set alarm limits, set to overwrite data or stop when full, and more. Software package is required for use with loggers; order separately.

Logger also has an external sensor input for an additional sensor. Use the stainless steel temperature sensor to measure remote temperature in air, liquids, soil,and more. Current, voltage, and contact sensors can be scaled to match range and units of your transmitter, controller or instrument output. Each sensor includes 8.2 ft cable.

Click below to download Acrobat (.pdf) file of:
RH/TempLog Datalogger product bulletin
RH/Templog Datalogger manual

Range Temperature: -30 to 50C (-22 to 122F)
Humidity: 0 to 100% RH
Resolution Temperature: 0.5C (1F)
Humidity: 0.5%
Accuracy Temperature: 0.6C (1.1F)
Humidity: ±3% up to 90% RH; ±6% above 90% RH
Memory stores up to 16,000 measurements
Output Infrared IRDA (infrared data association) interface to printer or computer with IRDA port
Output RS-232 cable connection to computer (order cable/software package separately)
Sampling Rate selectable via software from once per 10 seconds to once per 2 hours
Software required to download readings to a computer and to set samping rage. Software can be used with multiple loggers. Windows 3x and Windows 95/98/NT compatible
Display two digit LCD, 3/8"H, with mode indicators
Housing IP60 rated
External Sensor optional general purpose temperature SS probe
Power internal lithium battery, 3.6 V TL5101
Dimensions 2.8" dia x 0.9"D (7.2 cm dia x 2.3 cm D)
Weight (unit only) 0.2 lb (0.1 kg)

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