Dual IR -Thermocouple Thermometer from Oakton Instruments

Dual IR - Thermocouple Thermometer measures both noncontact and contact temperature.


Dual,IR,Thermocouple,Thermometer,Oakton,Instruments Display infrared and contact temperatures simultaneously
Dual,IR,Thermocouple,Thermometer,Oakton,Instruments Distance-to-target-ratio of 11 to 1 for longer distance measurements

Meter has a thermocouple port to accommodate a type K thermocouple when contact temperature is a must (thermocouple sold separately below right). The adjustable emissivity provides greater measurement capabilities for a wider selection of surface measurements. The Class II laser sighting has the capability of being turned off in applications where the laser is unnecessary. Activate the bright, amber backlight when measuring in low-lit areas.


The LCD simultaneously displays the current temperature in °F or °C, the pre-selected emissivity, the laser scan, and battery life icons. Other features include min/max and average, min/max differential, lock function for continuous measurement, high and low audible and visual alarm limits, automatic data hold, and auto off.

Range Infrared : 76 to 932F (60 to 500C)
Thermocouple : 83.2 to 1999F (64 to 1400C)
Resolution 0.1F (0.1C)
Accuracy Infrared : 2% or 3.6F (2C)
Thermocouple : 1% or 1.8F (1C)
Response time 1 sec, 90% response
Emissivity Adjustable from 0.1 to 1
Laser Sighting Class II
Distance-to-target size ratio 11:1
Power Two AAA batteries (included)
Dimensions 3"L x 1 1⁄2"W x 6"H
Shipping weight 0.65 lbs

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