Temperature Testers and Thermometers from Oakton Instruments

Temperature Testers and Thermometers at a glance.

Product Accuracy Range Resolution Type (Probe or Infrared)
25 to 260C (77 to 500F):
2% or 2C (3F) whichever is greater;
-1 to 25C (30 to 77F): 3C (5F);
-18 to -1C (0 to 30F): 4C (7F)
-18 to 260C, 0 to 500F
1C, 1F
1C (2F) at HAACP critical temperature range of 0 to 65C (32 to 150F);
below 0C: 1C (2F) + 0.1 degree/degree
above 65C: 1.5% of reading
-30 to 200C, -25 to 400F
1C, 1F
±1.0°C (±1.8°F)
-10 to 200°C (14 to 392°F)
0.1° up to 199.9°; 1° above 200°