Handheld (Portable) Thermohygrometer from Oakton Instruments

Handheld (Portable) Thermohygrometer with Dew Point displays humidity, dew-point, and temperature simultaneously.


Handheld,Portable,Thermohygrometer,Oakton,Instruments IP54 rating protects against dust and splashes
Handheld,Portable,Thermohygrometer,Oakton,Instruments Single- or dual-point calibration provides high accuracy

These industrial-grade portable (handheld) thermohygrometers offer the unique feature of displaying temperature, humidity, and dew point simultaneously - eliminating the need to switch screen displays. The impact-resistant, IP54-rated design protects the meter from dust, particles, and water. The ergonomic design provides comfort during measurement, and features a sealed silicone rubber keypad.

Features include selectable °F/°C readings, hold function, single- or dual-point temperature and humidity calibration, low-battery indication, and a built-in tilt stand.

Type (Wall mount or portable) Portable
Humidity Range 0 to 100%
Humidity Resolution 0.1%
Humidity Accuracy 2%
Humidity Output N/A
Humidity Sensor N/A
Humidity Response time 4 seconds
Dewpoint Range 130 to 140F (90 to 60C)
Dewpoint Resolution 0.1F/C
Dewpoint Output N/A
Temperature Range 40 to 140F (40 to 60C)
Temperature Resolution 0.1F/C
Temperature Accuracy 1F (0.5C)
Temperature Output N/A
Temperature Response time N/A
Temperature limits N/A
Display Two-line customer LCD
Power two AA batteries
Dimensions Meter : 3"W x 6"H x 1"D Probe : 10"L x 1⁄2" dia
Shipping weight 1.35 lbs

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