Multi-Test Water Analyzers from Orbeco Analytical Systems Inc

Orbeco-Hellige water analyzers provide accurate analysis of water, wastewater and process fluids of every kind. Permanently pre-calibrated for 65 tests many based on USEPA approved Standard Methods. Easy-to-use one-knob operation!

Model 943 Portable Water Analyzer

Portable Model 943 uses 7 guaranteed permanent, individual plug-in wavelength filters in the 420-640 nm range. Supplied with 162-page manual with step-by-step instructions for all tests.

Features of the Portable Model 943 Water Analyzer

  • Select from 65 tests, many USEPA Approved.
  • Direct-reading digital display.
  • Permanently pre-calibrated, eliminates the need for repeated standardization.
  • Wavelength filters supplied for all tests.
  • Easy one-knob operation.