Color Disc Pocket Comparators

Hand-held and completely portable, comparator outfits are ideal for testing water, wastes, boiler and cooling water, process fluids, swimming pools, spas, and more... Ideal for lab, plant, field or classroom.

Model 605-AHT Pocket Comparator with Magnifying Prism & 600-DA "Daylite" Illuminator


  • Pocket Comparator is made of tough, chemical resistant phenolic. Compact, only 3-3/4 inches square. Precision diffuser provides even illumination to color standard and sample, without distortion or shadow.
  • Color discs contain 9 to 10 guaranteed permanent color standards. Color discs fit interchangeably in the comparator.
  • Precision polished standards have uniform colors edge to edge. Much easier to compare than continuous color wedges having different colors from top to bottom.
  • Square precision tubes supplied with comparator show uniform colors edge to edge. Superior to round tubes, which cause errors because colors seen are not uniform.

Model 600-DA "Daylite" Illuminator (shown above) Provides corrected color matching irrespective of weather or poor lighting conditions. Assures highest accuracy and agreement among operators. Has color-correcting lamp and filter, sloped housing for easy viewing.

Model 600-PA Magnifying Prism (Shown with Comparator above) Brings colors of standards and test sample side-by-side. One enlarged image for accurate and foolproof comparison. Helps make exact color match; results unmistakable.


Model 605-HT Pocket Comparator and Typical Color Disc
With Prism Enlarged color fields brought side by side by magnifying prism of 605-AHT comparator, for results of highest accuracy.

Without Prism Color fields are separated, as seen in 605-HT comparator without prism.