Oil & Varnish ASTM Color Grading

Model 607-OC ASTM Oil Color Test Outfit
Orbeco-Hellige color grading outfits employ guaranteed, non-fading precision color standards. Standards are housed in unbreakable plastic discs. Test outfits are portable and are ideally suited for field testing, laboratory or plant.

Model 607-OC fully meets ASTM specification D-1524 and yields results equivalent to ASTM D-1500. Uses 17 permanent color standards in two discs ranging from values 0.5 to 5.0 in 10 steps (No. 620C-53) and 5.0 to 8.0 in 7 steps (No. 620C-54).

Comparator incorporates exclusive magnifying prism which brings colors side by side for the most accurate comparisons. Complete with 2 precision 33mm rectangular glass cells (No. 607-T33), rugged carrying case and directions.

Outfit 605-VA2 measures the colors of varnishes, drying oils, resins, nitro-cellulose, lacquers, fatty acids and similar transparent colored liquids.

Conforms to ASTM D-1544 and AOCS Method Td 1a. Uses 18 permanent color standards in two discs with values of 1-9 (No. 620C-43) and 9-18 (No. 620C-44). Comparator has magnifying prism, 2 discs, 2 round sample tubes (No. 605-VT), and Daylite Illuminator (No. 600-DA) for highest accuracy and easy, positive readings.

Model 605-VA2 ASTM Gardner-Hellige Varnish Color TestOil,Varnish,ASTM,Color,Grading