Mini Analysts Portable Water Analysis

Model 942-001 Chlorine, Free & Total Tester
Meets USEPA Specs!

Mini,Analysts,Portable,Water,AnalysisMini Analysts are ideal for use when a specific test is frequently performed. All are easy-to-use and easy-to-carry for fast, precise water tests. All read directly in Concentration (mg/L or ppb) and are economically priced.

Mini Analysts feature 1 touch operation and are factory calibrated, microprocessor controlled and incorporate automatic zero and standardization. All models come complete with reagents (except COD models), batteries, and carrying case and industry leading 3 year warranty.

Model 942-001 Chlorine, Free & Total Tester with carrying case.

Important Features

  • Direct-reading in Concentration (mg/L) All Mini Analysts provide direct-reading digital display test results in concentration (mg/L or ppm). Orbeco offers you your choice of the most models available to perform water & wastewater tests covering a wide variety of uses and applications.
  • Simplicity of Operation No other single test water analyzers are easier to use! After turning the Mini Analyst on, the display prompts you to insert the blank tube containing an untreated sample. Zero and standardization are automatically set by the Mini Analyst's microprocessor.
  • Auto zero & standardization by microprocessor eliminates need for a light shield. The display then prompts you to insert the sample tube and in a few seconds, the test result is displayed in concentration units.
  • Auto-blank speeds up your testing. Insert blank only once for faster multiple testing. This unique operator-controlled feature allows multiple sample readings without having to reinsert blank.
  • Convenient & Safe Reagent Tablets Most Mini Analysts use innovative single dose reagent tablets. Tablets are convenient, easy to transport, premeasured and stable for safe & economical use. Tablets are hermetically sealed for long life.
  • LED narrow-band light source assures high sensitivity and long bulb & battery life.
  • Auto shut-off after 15 minutes of non-use.
  • Factory calibrated, no user adjustments are ever needed.
  • Microprocessor controlled self diagnostics of power, circuitry and lamp readiness.
  • Uniform, flat bottomed, large diameter tubes for reproduceability, convenience and high sensitivity.
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (included).
  • 3-year instrument warranty with toll-free technical backup.
  • Precision made in the U.S.A.
Do you have a special test or want to perform a test using a different test method than our standard models? Here's your answer!

* Absorbance (942-ABS-*) and %T Models (942-%T-*) -Fixed wavelength Mini Analysts are available for custom or proprietary testing applications. Test results can be displayed in your choice of either Absorbance or %T. LED light sources are available in the following wavelengths: 430nm, 505, 525, 565, 595, 620, 660. Other wavelengths are available as a special order, please inquire.

* Specify wavelength from above list. Each kit includes instrument, tubes, directions, batteries and case.

-The Orbeco Mini Analyst is ideal for all colorimetric testing, no matter what your industry. Let us know your application. Our expert technical support staff will be pleased to work with you on designing an instrument to fit your needs. Private labeling, custom modifications and special calibrations are our specialty.