Portable Model 966
Direct-reading, 3 Range, USEPA Approved Design

Orbeco-Hellige Model 966 Portable and Model 965-10A Bench-top Turbidimeters quickly and precisely measure the clarity or cloudiness of any type of fluid. Both meet the official specifications of USEPA, ASTM, Standard Methods of APHA, AWWA, WEF and other world-recognized authorities. True nephelometers, both test at the officially mandated 90 degree angle between photo-detector and incident light beam. Direct-reading displays give results in NTU's (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) over the full span of turbidity in 3 ranges. Both meet design requirements of USEPA Method 180.1 and are ideal for NPDES and NPDWR compliance reporting. Also can be used to test water for Barium, Sulfate, Nitrate, Silver and Chloride using turbidimetric chemical analysis.

Important Features of the Portable Model 966 and
Bench-top Model 965-10A Turbidimeters
  • Meet official specifications of USEPA, APHA, AWWA, WEF & ASTM. Accepted for NPDES and NPDWR compliance reporting.
  • Factory standardized. Calibration of all 3 ranges are easily confirmed as per USEPA requirements.
  • Supplied standard USEPA approved. Safe, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. Stable, stays in suspension. No mixing or diluting.
  • Measures turbidity in 3 ranges: 0-20, 0-200, and 0-1000 NTU. Resolution is 0.01 NTU in the 0-20 range.
  • Direct-reading digital display. Eliminates incorrectly interpreting analog meter scale divisions.
  • Simple 2-step operation without the need for standardizing. No prior training is required.
  • Automatic decimal point shift and over-range indication.
  • Optional flow-through cell for pumped or flowing samples.
  • 2-year instrument warranty with toll-free technical backup.
  • Precision made in U.S.A.
Bench-Top Model 965-10ATurbidimeters
USEPA Approved Calibration Standard

The supplied 40NTU USEPA approved styrene divinylbenzene copolymer standard easily confirms calibration validity of all 3 ranges as required by the USEPA. Standard is highly accurate, reproducible, safe, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. No volumetric dilutions are ever required. Standard has a guaranteed shelf life of one year.

Factory Standardized for all 3 Ranges

The factory preset locking knobs of both turbidimeters need never be overridden until USEPA confirmation is scheduled. Operation is simplicity itself. Just select the range and insert the sample tube. The test result is then easily read on the digital display.


Turbidity testing in the field is quick, easy, and precise with the Model 966 Portable Turbidimeter

TurbidimetersFlow-Through Cell for Continuous Reading
of Pumped or Flowing Samples.

Flow-through cell has a unique "self-cleaning" design whereby incoming fluid impinges forcefully against the interior cell wall and swirls for continuous scouring action. Installed in seconds. No need to disconnect flow for calibration check. Just lift out the cell with flow tubes intact and substitute the calibration cell. Flow rate is 1-2 liters/minute, 0-5 psi. For use with bench-top turbidimeter model 965-10AR and portable turbidimeter mosels 966-R1 or R2, all having recorder outputs.