Partlow,ARC 4100,10",Circular,Chart,Recorder

Partlow ARC 4100 10" Circular Chart Recorder

Partlow,ARC 4100,10",Circular,Chart,RecorderPartlow ARC 4100

The Partlow ARC 4100 Circular Chart Recorder is capable of measuring, recording and controlling up to two process variables. Its analog design provides protection from electronic noise interference, making it a highly dependable device. Applictions for this instrument are many and include temperature, relative humidity, pH, level, electrical measurement, and flow. the ARc 4100 operates with either 115V AC or 230V AC line voltage at 50 or 60 Hz: voltage and frequency re selected when ordering.

The Partlow ARC 4100 Circular Chart Recorder accept a variety of inputs and can be ordered with RTD, thermocouple, and analog inputs. the process input for each pen is configured at the factory according to the range ordered and directly connects to either thermocouple, RTD, mVDC, VDC, or mADC inputs. changes to input type are easily accomplished in th efield simply by changing the range module. Outputs include on/off, time proportioning, and 4-20mA with full PID. All recording, controlling, and alarm capabilities/options are selected from thr order matrix for factory implementation.

The Partlow ARC 4100 Circular Chart Recorder incorporate a 10" circular chart. These charts are available in a wide variety selection of zero-based, non-zero based, reverse, and dual-scale ranges. The pens, disposable fiber tip types, are quicky and easily replaced.

The Partlow ARC 4100 Circular Chart Recorder is backed by a one year warranty as well as free technical support throughout the life of the product.

Standard Features

  • Various inputs types available: thermocouple, mV, V, and mA
  • Sensor break protection
  • Disposable fiber tipped pens: red, green
Optional Features
  • RTD input
  • Limit device or Control capability
  • Controllers include a digital potentiometer for setpoint
  • Remote setpoint
  • Alarm output per pen
  • On-off, time proportioning, or current proportioning control
  • Tamperproof platen
  • Event pen
  • Door lock
  • NEMA 3 enclosure

Key Specifications

  • +/- 1% Accuracy
  • 5A SPDT Relay or SSRD outputs
  • 13.19" H x 15.13" W x 3.63" D
  • 115 or 230 (optional) VAC powered
  • 1 Year warranty

Agency Approvals

  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified
ARC 4100 Brochure