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Sensorex - Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Accessories

Chlorine,Dioxide,Sensor,Accessories,SensorexIntroductory text can go here... Product description - information..... Sensorex is the leading manufacturer of premium quality pH, ORP, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen sensors and electrodes for portable, laboratory and industrial process applications.

The FC70 flow cell is designed for mounting our amperometric CLD series sensors. It provides ¾" FNPT ports for in-line installation. A vortex generator provides a bubble free working enviorment to ensure trouble free operation. Use of a flow meter is recommended to advise “no flow” conditions.

Replacement membrane caps and refill electrolyte are available to enhance service life of the CLD sensors. Caps are pre-membraned. Electrolyte is provided.



Available Accessories
 Flow Cell Features Vortex Generator
 " FNPT Connection Ports
 Replaceable Membrane Caps
 Replacement Electrolyte
Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Accessory Specifications

Below is a list of available replacement and spare parts for the Sensorex CLD series ClO2 sensor.

CLD Series ClO2 Sensor Accessories
Part #
Fill Solution
ClO2 fill solution, 60mL
Membrane Cap
Cap for CLD sensors, premembraned, 1ea.
Flow Cell
CLD Series Flow Cell, 3/4 inch FNPT inlet and outlet