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Process ClO2

Chlorine,Dioxide,Sensor,Products,SensorexThe first sensor in our line of amperometric sanitizer sensors, the CDL series, provides ppm chlorine dioxide readings real time. The 4-20 mA fixed output provides for interfacing to a wide variety of instrumentation options. The CLD-02 has a working range of 0-2ppm. The CLD-10 is used for 0-10ppm measurements. Automatic temperature compensation is provided standard.

These sensor utilize replaceable membrane caps and re-fill solution for extend service life.

ClO2 Accessories

Chlorine,Dioxide,Sensor,Products,SensorexThe accessories available for the CLD series features replacement caps with pre-mounted Teflon membranes re-fill solution and flow cells. The flow cells provide the proper installation parameters to ensure proper flow rates and feature a vortex generator to eliminate problematic air bubbles from forming on the membrane surface.