Dissolved Oxygen Probe Membrane Kits From Sensorex

Sensorex - Dissolved Oxygen Probe Membrane Kits

Dissolved,Oxygen,Probe,Membrane,Kits,SensorexSensorex membrane kits are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Complete Kits, or individual components are readily available. Customers typically replace membranes once or twice per year.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Accessories and Replacement parts are readily available from stock. Complete membrane maintenance kit part number DOKIT includes everything you need to overhaul your DO sensor. A membrane replacement tool, 500 ml of electrolyte solution, and 5 membranes and membrane o-rings are included.

Select the kit with the membrane material you prefer.

Sensorex DO sensors can be "re-membraned" without special training or experience, in just a few minutes.

Replacement membranes can be purchased in economical 5 or 25 count membrane packages.

Also available for all Sensorex DO sensors is a solenoid actuated Sensorex membrane wiper system. This versatile Automatic Wiper System is designed to keep the membrane clean and increase maintenance-free service time of sensor.

Product Features
In Stock - Immediate Shipment
Easy to change membrane and "O" ring


For Aquaculture installations, the Teflon membrane is selected most often.  The Teflon is rugged and resists tears, abrasions and UV sunlight.  The slippery surface of the Teflon resists the adhesion of biological matter.

HDPE membranes have a slightly wider span range.  This increased span provides improved degrees of measurement acuity for applications where accuracy is more important than maintenance.

DO Accessories
Part Number
DO6000KIT-TEFLON Complete Kit* Teflon Membrane
DO6000KIT-HDPE Complete Kit* HDPE Membrane
DO7000KIT-TEFLON Complete Kit* Teflon Membrane
DO7000KIT-HDPE Complete Kit* HDPE Membrane
DO6001 Membrane Replacement Tool
DO6002 DO Electrolyte 500 ml DO6000
DO7002 DO Electrolyte 500 mL DO7000
DO6005-T Teflon Membranes - 5 Pack
DO6025-T Teflon Membranes - 25 Pack
DO6005-H HDPE Membranes - 5 Pack
DO6025-H HDPE Membranes - 25 Pack

* Complete Kit Includes:
1 Membrane Replacement Tool
5 Replacement Membrane
500 ml DO Electrolyte