Dissolved Oxygen Probe Accessories From Sensorex

Sensorex - Dissolved Oxygen Probe Accessories

Dissolved,Oxygen,Probe,Accessories,SensorexOur dissolved oxygen probe accessories include Membrane Replacement kits with Teflon or HDPE membranes, bulk packets of membranes and DO electrolyte.

Dissolved,Oxygen,Probe,Accessories,SensorexDissolved Oxygen probe Membrane Kits are used for routine maintenance of DO sensors and are available for DO-6000 and DO-7000 series sensors with Teflon or HDPE membranes.  All kits include 500 mL electrolyte, DO membrane removal tool, 1 O-ring body seal and 5 replacement membranes and membrane O-rings. 

Membranes and O-rings are also available separately in 5 or 25 count packages.  DO electrolyte can also be purchased separately in 500mL bottles.


The WPR12 Wiper System provides continuous , automatic wiping of the sensor to prevent membrane fouling.  A solenoid actuated assembly sweeps a nylon brush across the membrane surface, removing build-up and preventing Bio-Fouling.

Mounting hardware is provided with each WPR12 and allows for adjustment of brush tension against the membrane.  Use more tension for heavy fouling applications or adjust the sensor so that the brush is near the membrane and provides a gentle sweeping action with just enough flow to meet minimum flow requirements.

Mounting Hardware

Mounting glands DO1200 series for 3/4" MNPT installations:


Model FC75P 3/4"