Dissolved Oxygen Probe From Sensorex

Sensorex - Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Lab DO Probes

Our laboratory dissolved oxygen probe features highly reliable, and fast responding galvanic technology. The compact and portable design is versatile enough for use as a hand-held or for use in on-line DO measurements.

In addition to the standard products listed, DO sensors can be customized for specific applications or packaging requirements.

Process DO Probes

For Aquaculture and Wastewater, our process dissolved oxygen probes are designed for long term deployment. They feature reliable and fast responding galvanic technology for dependable operation.  They are available as mV output devices or with 4-20mA outputs.

In addition to the products listed, customization is available to tailor DO sensors for specific applications or packaging requirements.

DO Accessories

A wide variety of accessories, replacement membranes, caps and internal fill solutions are available to enhance the service life of your dissolved oxygen probe .