Dissolved Oxygen Probe Membrane Cleaning System From Sensorex

Sensorex - Dissolved Oxygen Probe Membrane Cleaning System

Dissolved,Oxygen,Probe,Membrane,Cleaning,System,SensorexOur membrane wiper is designed to minimize bio-film formation problems in submersible aquaculture applications. A nylon brush sweeps across the membrane surface to keep the membrane fresh and clean.

The WPR12 membrane cleaning system provides continuous, automatic wiping of the sensor to prevent membrane fouling. A solenoid actuated assembly sweeps a nylon brush across the membrane surface, preventing biofilm build-up that causes sensor fouling. Also the agitation moves the sample water across the sensor membrane, allowing for more accurate measurement. This movement prevents measurement problems often associated with installations in stagnant water.

Mounting hardware is provided with each WPR12 wiper system. The hardware allows for adjustment of brush tension against the membrane. Use more tension for heavy fouling applications or adjust the sensor so that the brush is near the membrane and provides a gentle sweeping action with just enough flow to meet minimum flow requirements.

Ordering Information 
Part Number
DO Membrane Cleaner with mounting hardware
Timer for WPR-12 12V-18V
12VDC, 0.5 amp Power Supply for PC-1 or WPR-12
Product Features
Simple and reliable operation
Optional power supply available
Optional Adjustable Cycling Timer
For use with DO6000, DO7000 and many competitor sensors