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ORP,Amplifiers,SensorexOur new 12mm diameter Model DO1200 and DO1200TC feature dependable galvanic construction for instant use. No need to wait for warm up prior to use.

The economical Sensorex PHAMP-1 is a battery powered in-line design. It is designed to boost the signal and lower the impedance from a ORP electrode to a ORP monitor, controller or transmitter. It can be used for long cable runs of up to 1,200 feet (300 meters). Use this preamplifier when your instrument is not designed to power a remote amplifier. The PHAMP-1 has an operational output of +/- 2000 mV.

The PHAMP-1 can also be used to input a ORP electrode signal directly into a device which can accept voltage inputs. The batteries are sealed, and have an estimated life of more than 3 years. The BNC connector from your coax electrode cable is attached to the BNC Receptacle INPUT Connection on the PHAMP-1. The output is a BNC connector. You must have a BNR receptacle on your Cable to connect from the output and go to your controller.  Sensorex provides accessory cables and adapters to make this transition. The PHAMP-1 is not water proof, you must protect it from water and the elements.

For ORP Calibration/Verification solutions, see our ORP buffers page for complete details.


Product Features
+/- 2000 mV
Est. 3 year Battery Life
REDOX/ORP Electrode Pre-Amplifier Specifications