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Sensorex - REDOX/ORP Electrode Accessories

REDOX,ORP,Electrode,Accessories,SensorexSeveral accessories are available for your ORP measuring requirements.

ORP Calibration Solution Kits

The performance of an ORP electrode can be determined by use of the ORP Calibration Kit Model B125. Use the kit for pH calibration, then convert the pH buffers into stable ORP buffers. Solution values after mixing are 90mV and 260mV.

Zobel Calibration Solution is a pre-mixed solution of 228mV.

Lights Calibration Solution is a pre-mixed solution of 450mV.


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Calibration Kits
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ORP Simulator

The C110 simulator incorporates a + and - 700 mV resistor for verifying ORP circuits in addition to simulating 4, 7 and 10 pH. This is an extremely useful tool to verify cable and instrument operational status during troubleshooting.

ORP Transmitters

The ORPMA blind 2-wire 4-20mA transmitter provides a low cost solution for converting the signal from an ORP electrode into a 4-20mA output.  Ideal for direct input into PLC and other 4-20mA input devices.

ORP Preamplifiers

The economical Sensorex PHAMP-1 is a battery powered in-line design. It is designed to boost the signal and lower the impedance from a ORP electrode to a pH monitor, controller or transmitter.